Sculpting a conducive environment in Nature.

AAMER re-invents; tropical houses, restaurants, offices, medical clinics, homes for elderly care, condotels, hotels, (larger) commercial (high-rise) projects and so on, with contemporary forms that are unique and relevant to today’s lifestyle expectations.

Tropical elements of light and shade, openness to the landscape are re-visited with interesting new forms, merging the tropical language with contemporary lines and structure. For example Penang’s “The Landmark” where the building is ‘tilted’ such that each unit is blessed with full open views to sea or mountain. Or the Golf Clubhouse in Guilin against that beautiful rock-scenery.

We wish to ‘draw-in’ our Clients with inspiration, fulfilling their requirements, instigate participative interactive dialogues on the many design and building aspects, and have a pleasant effective cooperation with all the project parties, small and not so small.

Archisculpture & Installations:



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