Sculpting Spaces in The Tropics: Aamer Architects

Size / Weight : 8” x 10” / 0.5kg
Publication date : 16 Dec 2012

Sculpting Spaces in the Tropics is about a collection of houses that represents the journey of an architect in discovering his artistic soul in designing houses in the tropics–houses that sit well on the site and integrate the outdoors, allowing natural flow of air and energy with spaces that are physically comfortable and forms that are inspiring.

The book attempts to show that Aamer Architects views design as finding an ideal solution to the combination of factors that include site, culture and climate, structure and services with an economy of means to arrive at an aesthetic whole. The Archisculpture architecture considers each project as a work of art, conceived through a thorough appreciation of context and brief, and carefully sculptured to congenially fit into the land.

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