Yisabu Dokdo Memorial Park, South Korea – Competition
Melrose Village, Singapore – Competition
16 Dec 2019

Yisabu Dokdo Memorial Park, South Korea – Competition

Design Proposal : 11/2017
Land / Built-up area : m2 / m2
Photographer : Aamer Architects

Korea’s symbol of peace, unity and sovereignty – Dokdo – an island incorporated by the great General Yisabu who utilised an ingenious trick resulting in Dokdo becoming Korean territory ever since.
The Yisabu Dokdo Memorial Park takes visitors on an educational journey ridden with sometimes strong emotions uncovering the propositions for this identity. Representing the Korean Flag’s Earth, Fire, Water & Heaven, the journey starts with its Beginning (Earth) by setting the historic context with an abstract representation of the vessel carrying General Yisabu’s famous deception.

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