Dalvey Estate 18
18 Dec 2019
Greenleaf Road 43
28 Sep 2018

Toh Heights

Completion : 07/2010
Land / Built-up area : 643 m2 / 480 m2
Photographer : Amir Sultan

The house sits on a typical suburban plot that is featureless. To create interest, Aamer introduced a long linear water feature, which he called the “river”, that runs through the middle of the house, splitting it conceptually into two parts. The water feature is a shallow pool at the front portion but it becomes a swimming pool at the rear. This water feature not only brings water into the deepest part of the house, it also becomes the breezeway that channel air to ventilate the interior spaces. The two parts of the house are connected by bridges in the middle of the first and second stories, which further subdivide each part of the house into the front and rear portion. Conceptually, each storey of the house appears to be made up of four quarters, each of which was articulated like a pavilion. The three generation family that lives in this house each has their own spaces expressed spatially and formally as a semi-autonomous entity within this larger configuration.

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