Lakeshore View 34
20 Jul 2016
Jalan Jintan
20 Jul 2016

Lakeshore View 16

Completion : 07/2008
Land / Built-up area : 730 m2 / 717 m2
Photographer : Amir Sultan
“The Drum House”

The house consists of two blocks fitted into a triangular plot with views towards the golf course and the sea.

The objective is to have every bedroom (on the second level) facing the sea view being a challenge on the slim plot at Sentosa Island. A courtyard (air-well) provides the view and ventilation for the basement guestroom.

The breezy rooftop open terraces are shaded by a mono-pitched wing-roof and connected to a sunken deck which is surrounded by water & garden on the roof of the ‘drum’.

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