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16 Dec 2019
Hotel Bintan – concept
28 Sep 2018

Kangtai Eco Development, Shenzhen, China, concept

Design Proposal : 01/2017
Land / Built-up area : 12,500 m2 / 85,000 m2
Photographer : Aamer Architects

The two complimentary building forms of the Kangtai complex are like mother and child displaying
the core functions as an everlasting beacon for research and excellence in the field of medical
The Complex is an integration of many different entities with a building form aimed at creating an iconic and calming presence on Shenzhen’s city skyline.

Taking the fluent structure of DNA, the basic element of the human body, as the reference; dynamic forms are created throughout the complex emitting much movement and energy.

The strong architectural form of the 40 storey Research Tower personifies in essence that DNA molecule, which carries the essential instructions used for the growth, development, functioning and reproduction of all known living organisms.

The Research Tower’s expressive gliding helix soars to the sky whilst the extraordinary curvilinear apartment building stands firmly on the ground displaying a strong mutual beneficial relationship providing a healthy “Balance” that can only be achieved by working together.

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