Jalan Bahasa 26
14 Sep 2016
Zhongshan, China
10 Aug 2016

Jalan Bahasa 60 & 66

Completed : 05/2015
Land / Built-up area : 530 m2 / 550 m2
Photographer : Patrick Bingham-Hall, Owner
Similar Neighbours

At only almost half the plot size of the Corner Plot in the same development of luxury bungalows, these two Plots faced an entirely different challenge, yet Owner’s project brief called for a full range of generously sized spaces. Therefor the building foot print had to be maximized hence the narrow spaces between houses. How then maintain privacy while optimizing views, daylight and natural ventilation?

The focus was thus on clear articulation of windows and screens. The master bedroom is located in the front of the house, giving it the prime view of the surrounding estates. Vertical timber trellis runs across the entire strip of openings, providing both shade and privacy while giving the house its dominant aesthetic. Certain trellises at other areas were tilted at select angles, designed to block direct line of sights from neighboring plots while maintaining choice views and allowing the breeze to flow through.

The plot has a long and narrow shape, resulting in minimal frontage. We choose not to locate the main living space at the front, going against the more conventional layout. Instead, the main entrance to the house and living room is through the side, where we had carved out a delightful serene enclave of garden and pool for its inhabitants to enjoy when returning home after a long day out.

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