Kingsmead Road 11
22 Jun 2017
Holland Grove Drive 79
22 Jun 2017

Guiling Xuifeng

Completion : 05/2016
Land / Built-up area : m2 / m2
Photographer : Aamer Architects

The Residential block:

We were given a specific plans to work with from the start, with area & height restrictions and constraints. Similar to Singapore, we are also given an attic guideline to this project.

Given these restriction, we had to break the monotony of the residential block composition. Taking the Guilin Mountains as inspiration, we gave the blocks a jagged form at the side. It folds in and out to mimic the unusual natural Guilin mountainous features. The skin is treated with a series of random shades giving each block its unique identity.

The Kinder garden:

With less restriction here, we played with primary colours, to depict playfulness for a childcare center. In research on early child development, colours are found to be good for cognitive learning. We feel these colours also represent the “colourfulness” of Guilin. Taking this opportunity, we used one block to be painted in the style of the famous color compositions of the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian, which gives it a touch of “ART” in a conducive child development environment.

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