Jalan Jintan
20 Jul 2016
Everitt Road
20 Jul 2016

Guilin Golf Clubhouse, China

Completion : 03/2015
Land / Built-up area : 1,523 m2 / 7,159 m2
Photographer : WACA / Aamer Architects
“The Guilin Golf-Clubhouse”

As a partner in ‘Wu Aamer Chen Architects’ [WACA Design Ltd] in Shenzhen Aamer was involved in the design of this interesting project.

The curvaceous design expression of the Guilin Golf Clubhouse is one with nature and contextually captured from the essence of Guilin’s scenic beauty; the reflection in the water of its magnificent shaped mountains, its caverns, lined agricultural patterns, dragon spine terraces and of its rich culture with various typical local sports.

The design concept for the building echoes the same language in its interior, one that is a culmination of key influences; the natural quality of light, wind, water and mountains are all captured within the interior spaces of the building.

The building is set on a grand 18-hole international golf course and its orientation allows visitors to look out over the course unobstructed. The building houses top-end restaurants, golf pro-shops, offices, conference facilities and the like and in particular dedicated areas for VIPs with their own access to and from the course.

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