Founders’ Memorial, Singapore – Competition
Melrose Village, Singapore – Competition
16 Dec 2019
Kangtai Eco Development, Shenzhen, China
28 Sep 2018

Founders’ Memorial, Singapore – Competition

Design Proposal : 04/2019
Land / Built-up area : m2 / m2
Photographer : Aamer Architects
One Two, Buckle My Shoe
Three Four, Shut The Door
Five Six, Pick Up Sticks
Seven Eight, Lay Them Straight
Nine Ten, A Big Fat Hen

No doubt this nursery rhyme triggers our memory as it taught us basic yet essential skills for life. Similarly, the well-known “pick-up sticks” game requires for example mental strength, physical skills, boldness in decision making, diligence, precision, clarity of thought, control, integrity, and more – that is, if one strives to become successful.
However, the pick-up sticks initially form a fragile structure whereby a wrong unthoughtful move or decision might upset the balance of its supporting ‘entities‘, causing the collapse of the fabric.
It so adequately resembles the situation the Founders encountered, whereby sticks represent the various entities; multi-racial, multi religions, critical economic pillars, differing political inclinations and so many more aspects of a society. Each ‘entity’ had its own needs and peculiarities, while they were all inter-dependent, succinctly diverse and had to be brought together to form a whole – strengthening and supporting the susceptible fragile structure.
The proposed Founders’ Memorial depicts Singapore’s unique demography, its real challenges and fears, the perpetual state of vibrancy as a result of these dynamics and yet this state of vulnerability and fragility.
The Founders vowed to stay resolute and united, and built a strong structure (The Nation)! Doing so efficaciously in past and future is Singapore’s success, based on the belief of moving forward as one united people, regardless of race, language or religion.

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