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21 Jul 2016
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21 Jul 2016

Aamer’s previous ‘Sofia Road’ Office

Completion : 10/2009
Land / Built-up area : 140 m2 / 250 m2
Owner : Aamer Architects
Photographer : Amir Sultan

From 2008 to 2011 our office was located at Sophia Road, just behind Orchard Road in the city centre.

Built in the late 1900’s, the office was situated in the middle of a row of nine 2-storey terrace houses in close proximity to the famous shopping area of Orchard Road.

We were charmed by the brick arches, central court yard and greenery at the rear, the first floor was used as meeting rooms with a recreational area at the back.

We removed the existing straight flight staircase and placed a spiral in the middle courtyard and added a skylight and green wall to infuse a garden into the office with lots of natural light. Staff work areas were located at the second storey and a mezzanine was also added to allow a few more work stations.

And of course… we should have never moved out… … nice memories to recall…

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