Cove Grove 13
20 Jul 2016
20 Jul 2016

Coronation Road West

Completion : 10/2008
Land / Built-up area : 438 m2 / 373 m2
Photographer : Amir Sultan

The house sits on a long narrow plot of land. As a response to the linearity of the site, Aamer pulled the house apart and articulated it as two main pavilions separated by a courtyard. Within each pavilion, the rooms were not merely stacked on top of each other, they were also extruded or recessed to create a series in-between spaces at the edges to accentuate the “pavilion-ness” of each room. The two parts of the house is connected by long linear circulation spaces, which Aamer turned into a main feature. He articulated them variously as a long canopied bridge at the second storey and as a picture gallery at the first storey. He also lined the long circulation spaces with water features and landscaping. Besides the horizontal linear spaces, Aamer also expressed the linearity vertically as a colonnade of slim columns framing the landscape through a series of slits, and as closely-spaced vertical mild steel louvers wrapping around the staircase. These open and transparent planes defined by the colonnade and louvers alternate with the more solid planes that enclosed the more private spaces. From certain angles, the house appears to consist of solid boxes elevated by a series of stilts, making it look like one of the traditional Kelong structures in the waters off Malaysia and Singapore.

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