Siglap Road
21 Jul 2016
Rochester Park
21 Jul 2016

Saraca Road

Completion : 08/2011
Land / Built-up area : 750 m2 / 790 m2
Photographer : Albert K S Lim

This house is based on a square grid, but not any regular grid. The square grid is rotated and off-set at about 45 degrees off the boundary lines of the suburban plot to catch the breezes. The house is however not a regular box that is confined within a three-dimensional grid. Aamer has extruded some parts of the box and subtracted other parts to create an array of interlocking in-between spaces of balconies, terraces, courtyard and planters around the perimeter of the house. As a result, all the main spaces at the first storey open into a porch and a triangular plot of garden, and every bedroom in the house at the second storey has access to a balcony and a planter. The interlocking spaces are not limited to the exterior. Within the house itself, the spaces appear to be pivoted and arranged asymmetrically around a sky lit double volume space that extends vertically from the swimming pool through its glass floor and all the way to the ground storey.

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