Lim Tai See
20 Jul 2016
The Landmark, Penang, Malaysia
20 Jul 2016

Lasia Avenue

Completion : 06/2010
Land / Built-up area : 387 m2 / 393 m2
Photographer : Amir Sultan

This semi-detached house is one of the smallest houses featured in Aamer’s recently published book. As the plot is smaller, the design strategy adopted has to be simple and effective. The main design strategy was to pull the front part of the house away from the party wall and express it as a chamfered cylindrical volume covered with vertical timber louvers, which Aamer nicknamed “the lipstick”. Visually, this gave the house an identity distinct from its neighbour. The space between “the lipstick” and the party wall shared with the neighbour became a circulation zone, housing the car porch and the staircase. To emphasize the separation between “the lipstick” and the party wall, this zone was designed to be transparent and light. A steel, glass and timber structure was thus used which created intriguing shadow and light patterns.

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