The Landmark, Penang, Malaysia
20 Jul 2016
Lakeshore View 16
20 Jul 2016

Lakeshore View 34

Completion : 06/2009
Land / Built-up area : 796 m2 / 720m2
Photographer : Amir Sultan

The land was a perfect example of the ideal natural feng shui position: “jor san, hiong hoi” (sitting with the mountain at the back, facing the sea).

“Feng shui” translates literally to “wind, water”. The house was specially designed to maximize the wonderful views in all directions. At the same time, it was carefully positioned and “opened-up” to capture the wind, while avoiding as far as possible direct sunlight, thus reducing the amount of glass used and minimizing the need for air-conditioning.

Other sustainability “green” factors include photovoltaic solar panels and rooftop gardens and ponds to cool down the house and to collect water for irrigation. A folded timber screened balcony and roof adds a cooling “breathing” skin to the house.

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